local arborist

A healthy tree is a sign of good care and proper planting. If you have ever had the misfortune of having trees die or begin to show signs of distress, you will know that it is not only affecting your property value but can pose other serious problems. Trees are living organisms, and much like just about everything that lives on our planet need proper care for their ultimate survival.

Here’s why you need a local arborist to care for your trees.

1. An Unhealthy Tree Can Become Hazardous

A diseased or dead tree might fall on your house, shed, or even just land on someone walking by and doing innocent damage. Not only can a tree become highly dangerous, but it is also an eyesore that does nothing to enhance the look of your property. The fact that a tree has died or was decimated by disease and pests makes it unsightly and unsafe. A local arborist will be able to identify the cause of death immediately, and if it poses a risk, they can plan for its removal in a safe and timely manner.

2. A Sick Tree Can Be Expensive to Deal With

When a tree is sick or dying, it will draw insects and other pests to it. If left unattended, the situation can only get worse as more damage takes place and spreads. In addition to the removal cost, there may be some termite damage in extreme circumstances that you are unaware of at first but becomes apparent later on when it is much harder to fix.

3. The Tree Might Have a Chance of Recovery

Not all disease or pest problems are a death sentence for your tree. When done correctly, they can be treated, and the tree is given a chance at survival. Your local arborist will know how to treat it and if it is possible to save or not. Some trees are simply too far gone, and removal is the only option.

4. Arborists Help Keep Your Property Safe

Often, a diseased or damaged tree will have to be removed from your property to prevent damage and loss of life that may occur from its falling over during high winds, heavy rains, or other natural occurrences. A professional local arborist will inspect the area around where the tree has been planted and determine how much weight and stress the shallow soil of your yard can handle before it collapses on itself.

5. They Are Aware of Local Tree Laws

Suppose you are thinking about cutting down a tree on your property or transplanting it to another location. In that case, a professional local arborist will be able to tell you of any laws that may prohibit this. Remember, some areas also have restrictions on what type of trees can be planted.

6. They Have the Necessary Equipment

When dealing with diseased or damaged trees, every moment counts because the more time that goes by, the greater the chance for severe damage to occur in other parts of your yard. A professional arborist is well equipped to handle tree removal jobs, tree transplanting, and tree trimming services quickly and efficiently.

7. They Are Familiar With Your Tree Types

Just hiring a professional does not mean they are familiar with every type of tree or plant you want on your property. Often, hiring someone who is not specialized in certain types of trees maintenance may be lacking due to their lack of experience. A local arborist is aware of what each tree needs at all times for survival, so care can be given accordingly throughout the year as needed, whether it is trimming, pruning, or widespread treatment for disease and pests.

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