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Trees can enhance your home’s visual appeal. However, if they aren’t well cared for, they can make your home look unsightly and even jeopardize your safety. With the help of a local arborist, trees on your property can be regularly cared for and maintained. But what services does an arborist provide? Keep reading to learn more about the common services arborists provide.

1. Tree Care and Maintenance

Trees need regular care and maintenance to flourish. Regular care and maintenance include watering the trees, eliminating pests, treating diseases, and more. A local arborist can help you with all these tasks to ensure your trees stay strong and healthy.

2. Tree Pruning

Tree pruning can extend the lifespan of your trees by eliminating dead, overgrown, diseased, and or pest-infested branches before they affect overall tree health. Tree pruning can also enhance the appearance of your trees and improve your home’s curb appeal.

3. Tree Removal

Diseased or poorly growing trees can compromise your safety and the safety of others on your property. While you may want to cut down the trees, bringing them down without the right tools and know-how can be dangerous. That’s why you should seek the help of a professional for tree removal services. An experienced local arborist can ensure trees that pose a safety risk are removed safely without causing harm to anybody or damaging property.

4. Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are ugly. They’re also a safety hazard because people may topple over them. Therefore, removing them can spruce up your property and enhance its safety. If you’re concerned about a tree stump on your property, seek the services of a local arborist.

5. Storm and Emergency Services

After a storm, you may be left with fallen branches on your property. A particularly devastating storm may even leave you with fallen trees. If you’re left with fallen trees, branches, and other debris on your property after a storm, a local arborist can help you get rid of them. Additionally, the arborist can check other trees that could pose a threat and recommend if they need to be cut down.

Why You Should Hire a Tree Service Company

Now that you know the services provided by tree service companies, here are some reasons why you should hire one.

Save Time and Money

Spending money on a tree service may sound counterintuitive, but it can save you lots of time and money. Cutting down trees can be time-consuming and challenging if you don’t have the technical expertise required. Additionally, purchasing tree removal equipment can be pretty expensive. Save yourself precious time and money by seeking the services of a tree removal company and focus on other things that matter to you.


Climbing a tree and cutting one down requires technical expertise. If you lack the expertise to do both these things, you could injure yourself seriously. Seek the help of a professional arborist to protect yourself from harm.

Post Removal Cleaning

Cutting down branches, stems, limbs, and removing trees can create a mess you certainly don’t want to handle. A local arborist will clean your property after working and leave you with a clean and better-looking yard.

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