We love caring for trees!

Preservation services include all types of pruning such as: crown cleaning, canopy raising, structural pruning, vista pruning, and more. Cables can be installed to support stems and branches. We’ll improve the soil to create a proper growing environment for your trees, including pesticide and herbicide applications. Work is executed according to industry best practices and is done with your trees’ best interest in mind.


If the level of risk excludes preservation, we can remove the tree!

We routinely execute tight access, challenging removals while protecting the surrounding landscape and infrastructure.

These projects may be accomplished using climbers, ropes, pulleys, cranes, tracked machines, and a variety of other methods and equipment.


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If you’re not sure what you need Blue Ridge Arbor Works is happy to provide a consultation. We can help with management plans, protecting trees from construction, mapping and inventory, climbing inspection, and prioritizing tree care needs.

These services encompass work that is above and beyond a typical job estimate. 

About Us

Blue Ridge Arbor Works is owned and operated by ISA Certified Arborist Andrew Blease

We tackle new challenges every day and strive for continuous learning and improvement. With a focus on creative problem solving and responsive customer service, Blue Ridge Arbor Works is ready to exceed your expectations.

Our Work

We are a fully capable tree care business. Blue Ridge Arbor Works can climb, crane, fell and care for trees, wherever they are.

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